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As we all already know, Busy Bee used to have a tiny little microscopic contract with DO&CO.  As over 200 of you are aware, this job always resulted in some sort of problem, complain or issue. However, there were some really great moments that only now we can begin to truly enjoy.

A while into the job, we hired a new guy to be a part of the team. Lets not use this person’s real name; you guys can guess it for yourself. You all might remember this person as the sort of cleaner that was extremely professional. Maybe too professional!!! He spent a great deal of time asking the supervisors if there were different types of mops he could use. It became such a habit, that some of the supervisors and cleaners only remember him as the mop guy.

Lets back up a moment. This cleaner was not only just really professional, but also humongous!!! He must have weighed 250 pounds and been around 10 feet tall or something. Anyways, one day on the job (as told to me by a few people), this cleaner broke two different mops in half. The cleaner claimed that the mops were the wrong type of mop for the job. The following day this incredible hulk size cleaner brought in a metal “professional grade” mop. The cleaner claimed only with this new mop, could he finish the job right. Needless to say, the big guy with the huge metal mop will never be forgotten. Oh if the walls at DO&CO could talk.

Po Polsku:

Jak zapewne wielu z was juz wie Busy Bee mialo “drobny” kontrakt z Firma Cateringowa Do&Co.

Kontrakt ten przynisol wiele nerwow I nieprzespanych nocy dla wielu pracownikow i dla zarzadu. Jednakże w trakcie jego trwania bylo rowniez wiele I bardzo pozytywnych momentow.

We trakcie jego zostalo zatrudnionych jak rowniez zwolnionych wiele osob. Na liscie jej znalazl sie rowniez jeden z osobników ktorym bedzie mowa. Charakteryzowla ogromna dawka profesionalizmu I poswiecenia w pracy. Byl jak to sie mowi profesjonalisata! Byc moze nawet za daleko. Zadawal bardzo wiele pytan na temat mopow ktore by mogly byc ewentualnie uzywane.

Niektorzy zmwspolpracownikow  przezwali go “mop guy”

Wiec, cofajac jak sie w czasie nie byl on tylko profesjonalista ale byl on przeogromych rozmiarow. Wazyl cos okolo 250 funtow I mial pewnie ok 10 stop wysokosci. Pewnego dnia w pracy (jak mi powiedzialo kilku ludzi) cleaner stwierdzil ze te mopy nie nadaja sie do pracy) nastepnego dnia ten hulk cleaner przynisol profesjonalnego mopa. Cleaner stwierdzil ze tylko uzywajac tego mopy moze wykonac prace prawidłowo.

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